How do we meet Jesus in everyday life?

How do we meet JesusHOW would you feel if Jesus suddenly knocked at your door? Scared? Ashamed? Delighted? Apprehensive? Would you panic? Want to hide? Would you be relieved when he left?
Would you recognise that Jesus had called?

Vigil, is a poem by Jane Tyson Clement, in which she imagines how she would react if Jesus suddenly walked up to her.

“What would I do, O Master,

if you came slowly out of the woods.
Would I know your step?
Would I know by my beating heart?
Would I know by your eyes?
Would I feel on my shoulder too,
the burden you carry?
Would I rise and stand still till you drew near
or cover my eyes in shame?
Or would I simply forget everything
except that you had come and were here?”

(Poem used with permission from Plough Publishing. Notes inspired by Ron Rolheiser, “Meeting God without Fear”)

Mary Taylor Regional Minister the Revd Mary Taylor writes: “The problem is that we may be more afraid than joyful. In our brokenness we frequently believe deep down that anyone who sees us as we really are will be as disappointed with us as we are with ourselves. In our shame and frailty we run away from the one person who actually understands us, accepts us, delights in us and is eager to smile at us.

"But the most important of all truths is that God is love and when we meet Jesus we are meeting that love in human form. Letting Jesus into our lives and meeting him in everyday life is what saves us from disappointment, shame, and sadness. Pope Francis writes the Christian season of Lent 'urgently calls us to conversion. Christians are asked to return to God “with all their hearts” (Joel 2:12), to refuse to settle for mediocrity and to grow in friendship with the Lord. Jesus is the faithful friend who never abandons us.'

Activities"This year as Yorkshire Baptists we want to encourage one another to deepen our spiritual lives in new ways through the weeks before Easter.
"To do that we’ve asked five different people to share how they meet Jesus in their daily lives and also to ask their friends the same question. We’ll let you have their reflections in the week before each of the Sundays in Lent.
Watch out for the first one by Leigh Greenwood, of Revive Baptist Church, Leeds, on 1st March, Ash Wednesday.

"We’ll be exploring different spiritual practices – for example, how people get closer to God through physical exercise, cycling, walking, retreats, silence, prayer, art, creativity or music. And we hope lots of you will join in the conversation to encourage and share with each other the simplicity of meeting Jesus. Most of all we pray all of us will experience more of the joy and self-forgetting of finding ourselves in Jesus’ loving presence."