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God IS at work!

After Regional Minister for Ministry Revd Graham Ensor shared some encouraging stories of how God is at work in our churches, the YBA received a letter of thanks from the minister of one of the Home Mission-supported churches in Yorkshire.
In thanking the YBA for the gift of a Home Mission grant to the church which is in an urban deprived area, the minister shared another three stories of God’s grace and unexpected mercy and quoted John 1 v 5 : "The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it."

Freedom - not rules!

A member of the Jehovah’s Witnesses arrived at the church with her husband. After a lengthy conversation, they agreed to meet for regular in-depth Bible studies, covering topics such as the Trinity, the humanity and deity of Jesus etc. Three months later, the husband became a Christian after finally grasping the atonement, and both decided to be baptised. What did they appreciate most about the Christian faith? - Freedom not rules!

A place for everyone

When two adults with learning difficulties first visited the church, the church learned how to accommodate them and make them feel at home. Since then they’ve brought along other friends to services and social events.
The minister adds: "We have learned (and are learning) to appreciate their gifts. For example: one autistic young man has composed some praise songs on his computer, one takes the collection, and one helps with coffees. One lady became a regular church attender, completed a Christianity Explored course, became a Christian and is going to be baptised. We are now doing a regular Bible study, specifically aimed at people with learning difficulties, which is proving very popular with the residents and their carers."

It's never too late

A conversation with an elderly local resident in the graveyard led to an invitation to a service and soon after a Christianity Explored course. After becoming a Christian, he spoke of an amazing sense of peace and joy like he had never felt before.
The minister writes: "It’s incredible to think that a man with no previous faith commitment, could change after a lifetime’s resistance to God’s Spirit. Thanks be to God, that the light of Christ continues to shine in the darkness and that Home Mission funding enables otherwise forgotten, insignificant, people to be saved."

For anyone who missed Graham's email, here is an extract:-

"On a personal note I’ve had a great week as I’ve been visiting ministers and churches all around Yorkshire; I have heard many stories of folk who are on exciting spiritual journeys and those who have come to faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

" In Scarborough I heard of a dancer who turned up at a local church because years earlier he recalled how he’d been given free use of the church hall and now felt he wanted to give something back to the church. Another young girl came to faith, had all her hair cut off for the Little Princess Trust which provides real-hair wigs to children who have lost their own hair through cancer treatment, then she was baptised, and all her de-churched family came along to listen to her story.

"Today I heard of a young man in Sheffield who came to faith just 10 days ago. These are living examples of the way God is at work in our churches; so let’s continue to support and pray for one another in our shared work together."

I hope you find these stories encouraging - and if you have a story to tell, share it! (1 Thessalonians 5:11 NIV: "Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.") - JOOLZ.


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