A love story in code!

Quilt at Wakefield Baptist ChurchWAKEFIELD Baptist Church has a unique new addition with a timeless message thanks to talented quilter Emma Jones.
Emma, a crafter by profession, created the quilt for the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham – and it now hangs proudly in the church.
Kez Robinson – minister at the church and YBA Home Mission Enabler – takes up the story: “The quilt is a response to recent events of terror and disaster.
“It’s a rainbow of colours to represent the many who respond to such events with acts of kindness. At first the design appears to be an abstract but that is far from the truth.
“Like the family stories that many traditional quilts tell this quilt has a secret message - the shapes are actually the dots and dashes of Morse Code – and the message says 'Love will Win’. It took Emma 3 months to plan and 75 hours of sewing work to create.
“The photo shows Emma on the right and her friend Sue Phillips from Wakefield Baptist Church. Emma gave Sue the quilt because she modelled a picture of love to her and had spoken about the different things the church is involved in.”

Emma adds: “It's designed to be intentionally imperfect just like love. It's the imperfections and bumps in the road that make it perfect and unique.
“Now that is has returned from the show I decided to donate the piece to Sue, who just emanates love, and her amazing church – Wakefield Baptist. They do so many incredible things in the community, especially for the homeless.
“The quilt will hang at the church as a welcome and a focal point for discussion about love. It's found its rightful home!! I’m just so grateful to have created something that will be loved.”

Inspired by Emma’s work, it is hoped that new craft groups may be created at the church exploring the world of ‘craftivism’, a tool of gentle activism and expression concerning current affairs.