Lent 2018 - Week 2

Lent 2018: Week 2: Listening With Our Hearts

Lent week 2 2018REGIONAL MInister the Revd Mary Taylor writes: "The world as we know it can be a very harsh place. One of the most precious gifts we can offer to people is our attentiveness when they speak – a gift that promises peace and generosity.

"Our God, we are told, listens like a parent for the cry of her child and as God’s children, we are called to learn to listen well.

"Let’s practise the habit of really paying attention to what the other person is saying – making sure we have understood them, that we enter into their thoughts and feelings and experiences.

"If you are in disagreement with someone it’s even more important to listen from your heart. Today make up your mind that you will not rush to interrupt, you will try to see yourself through the other person’s eyes. As we listen we may decide that we should adjust our own perspective as we take what another person has to say into account.

"Let’s develop good habits of listening to others!" - click here


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