Lent 2018 - Week 5

Loving our enemy

REGIONAL Minister the Revd Mary Taylor writes: "It’s easy to go through our day dividing the people we meet into those we like and those we dislike, those who are like us and those who are not. 

"Think about whether this might be the beginnings of dividing everyone into friends or enemies. What difference would it make if we prayed especially for those who are our ‘enemies’? What might change if we sought to do good to them in particular? What about those we hear about in the news or read about on social media? Do they count as well?

"Jesus’s teaching is very clear. While we may disagree strongly with their views, and we may believe God calls us to make a stand against those views or policies, we will not try to wound people even when they are our enemies, because we believe God’s business is building friendship out of enmity.

"Fifty years from the anniversary of his assassination hear again the conviction of Martin Luther King, Jr that God calls us to love our enemies."

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