The Wider Team

The Wider Team

Our wider team includes people who serve on the various Association groups - The Executive, the Ministry Group, the Trust Group and the Finance Working Group, as well as people who serve in specific roles.

Mrs Pam Roe serves as our minutes secretary, attending the majority of our formal meetings taking and preparing the minutes which are kept.

Executive Group

The Executive is the key decision making body acting on behalf of the YBA churches. The Executive members act as trustees, are accountable to the member churches and are also directors of the company limited by guarantee. All major strategic decisions are taken by the Executive. This includes major issues referred from the Finance, Ministry, and Trust Groups; so while these groups deal with detailed matters, it is the Executive which keeps the overview and focus of the Association.

Key tasks:-

  • To maintain the aims and develop the strategies of the Yorkshire Baptist Association;
  • To set the policies and monitor the practice of the Yorkshire Baptist Association in terms of Ministry and Mission;
  • To set the policies and monitor the practice of the YBA Trust Corporation as managed by the Trust Group;
  • To maintain the financial practice of the Association through setting budgets and approving accounts;
  • To undertake representation and partnership with the Baptist Union of Great Britain, Northern Baptist College, BMS World Mission and other recognised bodies.

The Executive meets about five times per year.

The group is made up of:-

Liz Allen (Chair and Church rep),
Chris Bishop (Church rep)
Philip Callow (YBA Trust Group Chair)
John Crosse (Co-opted)
Gill Knowles (Church rep)
Carol Moore (Church rep)
Kevin Quinton (Church rep)
Dean Thorpe (Treasurer)
Revd Matt Wright (Church rep)

The Regional Ministers


Ministry Group

The Ministry Group has overall responsibility for:-

Interviewing candidates for ministry, both lay and ordained; reviewing the development of Newly Accredited Ministers (NAMs) during their first three or four years; the ongoing support of ministers, expressed in such ways as peer supervision, area ministers' meetings, retreats and sabbaticals; development of training including preaching, pastoral care and handling conflict ;
encouraging healthy relationships in our churches.

The Ministry Group reports to the YBA Executive.

The group is made up of:-

Revd David Dewey (Church rep)
Revd Phillip Hatton (Church rep)
Mark Prothero (Church rep)
Revd Robin Thomson (Church rep)
Revd Chris Upton (Church rep)
Revd Julie Wardman (Co-option)
The Regional Ministers

Trust Group

The YBA Trust Group manages the trusteeship affairs and properties of the Association. It works closely with the Baptist Union Corporation team which supports our work and it makes recommendations on trust policy to the Association. It provides advice and expertise, often through the BU Corporation, to local churches on matters relating to trust deeds, church constitutions and rules, membership, property and legal concerns.

The Trust Group is accountable to the YBA Executive Group.

The group is made up of:-
Philip Callow (Chair and Church rep)
Revd Ann Chesworth (YBA Trust Officer)
Austin Crowther (Church rep)
Jon Curtis (Church rep)
Mike Green (Church rep)

Nichola Skelton (Church rep)
Dean Thorpe (Treasurer)

Finance Working Group

The YBA Finance Working Group oversees the Association's financial matters on behalf of the Executive, ensuring that matters of YBA finance are properly considered and managed.

It is accountable to the YBA Executive Group. 

The group is made up of:-
The YBA Treasurer - Dean Thorpe (Chair)
The YBA Finance Officer - Adrian Howe
A Regional Minister - Revd Graham Ensor (Team Leader)
Interim Co-option - Richard Mason
(Co-options as required).