A story for Lent 2018

Treasure Hunting with God

LAY Pastor at Skipton Baptist Church, Mick Dewhirst, has shared an encouraging story from #doyouknowHim, a missional project being run over Lent with other churches in the town.

doyouknowHim logoMICK writes: "On a rainy Saturday afternoon in February, as part of the #doyouknowHim? mission to Skipton, around 10 adventurous souls struck out into the town centre looking for treasure in the form of people.

"We were following the leading of the Revd Chris Duffett (evangelist and former BUGB President ), who had led the training for the Mission in Skipton.
Treasure hunt"Treasure hunting in this context is seeking the guidance of God by means of prayer in order to find treasure - the treasure being people.
"The basic principle is that we prayerfully ask God for pointers such as location, direction and description and, having written down the clues, we go out, find that person and offer prayer. It's as simple as that. 'Simple...but impossible' you might say - but no, IT WORKS.

"We split up into five teams of two and 80% had direct hits - the only pair to come back empty handed were two ministers. What does that say? All a little bit scary? But we have a God who is gentle and present and loving and who is trustworthy and all we have to do is to be bold on His behalf and step out."

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