Generosity in times of great challenge

Dear friends,

JoyWE are absolutely thrilled to share the news that in 2016 YBA churches gave almost £200,000 to the Home Mission Appeal! This is a fantastic result given the times of great financial challenge which we find ourselves in, also a number of churches were able to give over and above what could be hoped for and this contributed significantly to our final total.

Despite our Yorkshire reputation for having deep pockets, we know that this achievement was only made possible thanks to our Christian commitment to generous giving. We thank God for the spirit of generosity which fills Yorkshire churches. In addition to giving to Home Mission during 2016, we also supported the Bless Lebanon Appeal and actively engaged with other Christians by responding positively to the “Nowhere to stay – caring with a difference” Advent challenge.

Thank you on behalf of all those situations which are supported by Home Mission, and please continue to give generously in 2017.

Yours in His service,


(Regional Minister and Team Leader the Revd Graham Ensor)

(Posted 25-1-17)

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