Christmas Day Reflection 2018

Clive BurnardTHE YBA's Advent focus on how God's generosity calls us all to be generous people concludes with a Christmas Day reflection by Regional Minister, the Revd Dr Clive Burnard.
Clive, who joined the YBA Team in October has specific responsibility for transitional/transformational mission; seeking to support and encourage all of us in new patterns of being church and making connections with our wider communities, as together we seek to ‘grow healthy churches in Yorkshire’. He is based in Sheffield and has particular responsibility for Huddersfield and South Yorkshire.
Click here to play Clive's Christmas message.


Lavish, Giving, Abundant God,
This Christmas Day we pause in all the warmth of human celebration to marvel at our Maker coming as gift and child and Saviour into the world. We give to You our praise at Your amazing, humbling love for each of us and Your invitation to join with angels in the heavenly celebration, ‘Glory to God and peace to all’.
cross lit upThank You today for Jesus. Thank You for His humility, that He came to us as a vulnerable infant, overturning all our prideful striving for power and wealth.
Thank You that He took up our frail human experience and lived it with grace and love, showing us our creation potential and our true destiny. Thank You that His cross is the place of victory at the centre of all human history. Thank You for the gift of His resurrection life to all who believe.
We offer to You our joy as we celebrate Christmas in so many different ways and ask that as we are blessed, so we too may share blessing with others. Especially we ask that as we go on our way, celebrating special days like today, or about our daily work, You will give us words to explain the faith we have received. May we be people overflowing with joy and brimming with good news.
Today, this Christmas Day, we give thanks to God for His indescribable gift. Jesus! Hallelujah!



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