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THE YBA’s Yorkshire Justice Hub aims to help make our churches more inclusive by raising awareness of matters of justice and changing culture among Yorkshire Baptists.

Craig MillwardHere is a blog by a member of the Hub, the Revd Dr Craig Millward, of King’s Centre, part of Network Church Sheffield. 
Craig is currently at the centre of a political campaign through the European Parliament aimed at persuading the German government to take responsibility for its unconstitutional activities in the early days of the thalidomide tragedy.
The aim is to ensure that all thalidomide survivors' health needs are fully met by those responsible for the tragedy. You can visit this website for more information: www.fiftyyearfight.org

WHEN I was asked to become involved in a new YBA initiative to put justice issues more firmly on our agenda it was a request that was difficult to turn down - how can you say ‘no’ to justice? Yet my first response was to ask the following questions:
                What do we mean by Justice?
                How will the Justice Hub make a difference?
                How will it help us to engage with real issues?

The first question reflects a growing feeling in me that, in a society where ‘rights’ are trumpeted loudly (and it is invariably MY rights which apparently come first), Jesus’ invitation to me to seek the welfare of other people is increasingly important. All too often those with a quieter voice or who are deemed less worthy get overlooked. So, yes, justice is a gospel issue as long as we are careful to look beyond our own wants and prejudices.
The second question really depends on how many of us engage with the Justice Hub and the questions and resources it provides. The intention is to focus attention on matters of justice, to raise awareness and also to challenge Yorkshire Baptist culture, maybe signposting where we can become more just in our attitudes and actions toward others.

Thirdly, the Hub will help us to engage with real issues because we intend it to it be a place where you can discover resources for building churches, structures and processes that are more just. It will also offer support when things go wrong and connect with a network of regional and national hubs so that we can draw on resources from other places.
Please do engage with the Justice Hub as let us know how we can serve and empower you in your mission and ministry.
Contact Regional Minister the Revd Mary Taylor for more information - click here.

Another member of the Yorkshire Justice Hub, James Martin, of Cemetery Road Baptist Church, Sheffield, wrote a blog of three reflections on the Paralympics in March. Click here to read it.

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