Sound advice for churches

Sound advice for churches

ARE you planning your church summer fete? Have you thought about the impact noise from the event might have on the church’s neighbours?

Noise accounts for most of the complaints that local councils and the Environment Agency receive about environmental pollution, and is a major source of stress. That’s why it is important, if you are planning an event at your church where you will be playing music or have a public address system, you consider the requirements for protecting those ‘at work’ from the potentially harmful effects of loud music, as well as the laws to help people affected by unwanted noise, for example your neighbours.

Baptist Insurance is aware of a number of cases where noise has proved an issue for churches.  The last thing you want is your event stopped or prevented from going ahead in future because it is too noisy!

Follow these five top tips, before and during the event, to help make sure everything goes smoothly:

Before the event

  • Make one person responsible for dealing with noise for your event; they should contact your local Council’s Environmental Health Department in advance for advice and agreement on monitoring if necessary.
  • Contact neighbours to tell them about the event and give a contact number in case of problems. People are more likely to tolerate noise when they are informed about it ahead of time and know, for example, how long the event will last for.

During the event

  • Be respectful of noise-sensitive properties in the area and the impact of the event on them; act responsibly if you receive any complaints from local residents.
  • Continue to monitor and control noise levels, paying particular attention to the bass component and PA systems.
  • If possible, face your stages away from residential properties and use multiple smaller output speakers, spaced around the audience, as opposed to stacked speakers.

You can find more information about planning events in the functions guidance notes on the Baptist Insurance website:

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